Business Consultation

Discover how cyber threat intelligence can bolster your cyber security posture and strengthen your business against emerging threats.

Assess your current CTI level

Create a maturity plan

Build and grow your CTI operations

Why CTI Consulting?

The need to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats has never been higher. Every day, a business goes under due to a cyber attack, be it ransomware, data breaches, or insider threats. CTI can proactively protect you and drive your cyber security program forward.

You need the knowledge and expertise to assess your current CTI operations, create a maturity plan to get you where you want to be, and help you follow this as you build out your CTI operations or team. We have the expertise to do just that.


  • Build and grow a dedicated CTI team
  • Develop your organization’s threat hunting capabilities
  • Create intelligence processes, style guides, and workflows​


  • Automate processes and free up valuable resources
  • Design and review intelligence products and services
  • Train employees on threat intelligence best practices

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