Code of Conduct

Kraven Security is dedicated to fostering a secure and inclusive educational environment, free from discrimination and harassment. To achieve this, all event attendees agree to the following rules without exception. This code of conduct applies to all live, recorded, written, verbal, and visual interactions.

Rules of Conduct

  • Professional Decorum: Conduct yourself professionally during all events.
  • Non-Professional Attacks: Refrain from non-professional personal attacks against attendees or speakers.
  • No Hate Speech: Avoid hate speech, offensive, or derogatory comments. Embrace diversity and welcome individuals from all backgrounds.
  • Content Use: Do not record, reproduce, or share teaching content unless explicitly allowed. Note-taking for personal and professional use is permitted.
  • Respectful Conduct: Avoid intimidating, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, or demeaning behavior, whether physical or verbal.
  • No Disruption: Do not intentionally disrupt the event.
  • No Inappropriate Advances: Refrain from unwelcome advances creating a disruptive or threatening environment.
  • No Substance Influence: Attend events without being under the influence of substances to the point of unseemly intoxication.
  • No Nudity: Avoid inappropriate use of nudity on camera.
  • No Harassment: Do not engage in harassment, intimidation, or stalking on or off our platforms.

Determination and Consequences

The determination of a code violation rests with Threat Intelligence Academy President, Sergio Caltagirone, with no appeals. Violators may face expulsion from events/courses and future banishment.


Report violations via email to [email protected].