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Coaching and Mentorship

Elevate your skillset with our tailored one-to-one coaching sessions.. These session will empower you to develop in-demand skills and accomplish short-term goals.
  • Boost your market value by learning in-demand skills
  • Receive practical training from working industry professionals
  • Learn how to break into cyber security and develop your career
  • See immediate impact with a focus on specific skill development
  • Receive tailored advice to suit your individual needs and skill level
  • Elevate your cyber security skills with one-on-one coaching sessions

Business Consultation

Discover how cyber threat intelligence can bolster your cyber security posture and strengthen your business against emerging threats.
  • Build and grow a dedicated CTI team
  • Train employees on threat intelligence best practices
  • Automate processes and free up valuable resources
  • Design and review intelligence products and services
  • Develop your organization’s threat hunting capabilities
  • Create intelligence processes, style guides, and workflows

Retainer Services

Get expert support and guidance when you need it most with our cyber threat intelligence and threat hunting retainer services.
  • On-demand threat hunting to proactively defend your organization.
  • Skilled specialists to answer you when your organization needs them most.
  • Cyber threat intelligence to safeguard your organization against the latest threat.
  • Actionable insights to guide your incident response efforts and find lurking threats.
  • Intelligence to make informed decisions about defensive strategies and security investments.

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